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LIMITED Located in Guangzhou of China,
specializes in R&D,marketing and manufacturing of LED lighting and disco lighting equipments.The
company possesses excellent experience of about
ten years.Owing to the strong R&D capability,
professional knowledge and strict quality control,we are able to develop latest products well-suited for the market and acquire fast growth.
    Our business covers outdoor led lighting,indoor led lighting etc..        More...

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YHLL-067T1,YHLL-067Q1 CE Certificate

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+86 20-37089936
+86 20-37099836
3/F Huafeng Building, No 70 Yuangang Road, Tianhe district, Guangzhou city, China
YHLL-020 15X1W Underwater LED light YHLL-084  High power LED par light (6in1) YHLL-083  High power LED par light (6in1) YHLL-074  COB PAR light CW/WW/A(3 in 1) YHLL-071  COB PAR light RGB (3 in 1) YHLL-090 High power LED par light(6in1) YHLL-086-150W COB PAR light RGB (3in1) YHLL-088  High power LED par light (6in1) YHLL-086-100W COB PAR light RGB (3in1)  YHLL-086-100W COB PAR light CW/WW/A (3in1) YHLL-072-30W COB PAR light RGB (3 in 1) YHLL-085  High power LED par light (6in1)